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  Cain is Bigfoot


  Youth were Generals


  Painting shows true appearance of Christ


  Catholic priest prophecy about Church in 1739 


  Jaredite barge in Lake Michigan


  Temple on fire


  Book of Mormon land was in US not in South America


Mormons and the Bear Lake Monster


  Seismic activity stops around temple


  Photo of Joseph Smith found


  Apostle drinks Coke


  Artist includes daughters in painting


  Pilots use temples


  No rainbows a sign of Second Coming


  Angels in painting originally had wings


When was Jesus born?

Did choir avoid London bombing?


St. Paul font used for baptism for the dead


Actor removed from temple film


Gold plates recently discovered



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The Book of Mormon land is in the US and not in South America


Theory that many support


Although evidence does not 100% validate this theory, there are many who believe it. A good book to read about this subject is "This Land: They Came From the East" by Wayne N. May. May claims that the events told in the Book of Mormon took place in the northeastern area of the United States.



Joseph Smith also seemed to believe that the United States was the Book of Mormon land. He revealed the site of the ancient Manti city to be near Huntsville, Missouri (History of JS, Vol 16, pg 296) Smith also once identified some bones found in Illinois during the Zion's Camp march to be the bones of a Lamanite whose name was Zelph and who had died in one of the last battles.


Of course, there is also evidence, good theory and Joseph Smith quotes that places the events in Central America. The final verdict - we don't know for sure.