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Missionary eats home-made bread baked miles away




This legend usually involves a missionary from the early days of the Church, but people have also heard it said about a more recent missionary. In either case, the legend starts out with a woman (mom or wife) baking bread. She wraps the bread in a dish cloth and places it on a windowsill to cool. When she comes back for the bread, it and the cloth are gone. Months later, her son/husband returns from a mission and as he unpacks his bags, she sees the dish cloth. She asks him where he got it and he says that there was a day that he had nothing to eat so he prayed and later found a loaf of bread wrapped in that dish cloth.



Although there are many variations on this story, it is based on events that have been recorded. Elder Ted E. Brewerton of the Seventy wrote an article in the New Era in November 1990 called "Miracles". In this article he talks about his grandfather, James E. Fisher, who served a mission in New Zealand in 1892 and experienced the event described above.








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